3 - 16 months

Jellybabes room provides a stimulating, warm, caring and secure environment for babies aged 3 months to 16 months approximately.

From 3 Months Old

We provide a relaxed and loving atmosphere into which parents can feel assured that each child’s key person will work closely in partnership with you to provide the highest quality of care. The focus of this room is to be flexible ensuring every baby is nurtured with love and cuddles and their individual routines met.

We offer a range of activities both indoors and outdoors, which encourage and promote all round development, from music to relaxation and physical stimulation to social skills all of which will enable your child to reach their full potential.

Check availability

The waiting list is closed for 2019 places. Our waiting list reopened on 4th November for places from August 2020 on wards but was quickly filled up. The next time you can apply will be 3rd February 2020 for places from November 2020 onwards. This will be for children who will be under 1 year of age at the start of nursery.