Creepy Crawlies

3 - 5 years

Our pre-school room builds on children’s continuity of care learning and development to promote with their transitions to school.

From 3 Years Old

Creepy Crawlies is an exciting room with a range of play equipment available to help children develop an array of skills, and great care is taken to choose materials that will create an inspiring sensory experience. As well as toys, we use real life props, such as brushes and gardening tools, and small-world play to help build a child’s imagination and language skills.

Construction play is also available to help children develop fine motor skills and problem solving. Our garden offers a variety of age appropriate equipment, with tricycles, and balance beams, as well as stimulating features and sensory play areas, such as secret tunnels, a sand pit, wildlife areas and playhouses. All transitions are supported to school with a large emphasis placed on encouragement of independence and self care.

Check availability

Our waiting list is now closed for our pre school room. This will open on 7th January 2020 for children to start from September 2020 on wards.